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Wednesday, August 23 2017


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Dimboola Bowls | Finals games decided

Article Category  Dimboola Courier > Sport
Date Published  Monday, March 20 2017
Author  David Farmer

Dimboola Bowls | Finals games decided
In the night bowls, Bendigo Bank increased their lead to finish on top of the ladder.

Thursday night’s results –

Old Dogs 29 def Spastic Sea Gulls 18,
Dim Laundromat 29 def S & S 20,
Scatmen 52 def The Kays 6,
Gerang 28 def Wallup 23,
Bendigo Bank 25 def B.B.s 19,
Antwerp 27 def Warreguk 19.


Bendigo Bank 10 +103
Dim Laundromat 9 +73
S & S 8 +13
Old Dogs 8 +8
B.B.s 7 +22
Antwerp 7 +7
Wallup 6 +79
Scatmen 6 +79
Spastic Seagulls 4 -47
Gerang 3 -19
Warreguk 2 -44
The Kays 0 -243

Awards - Lead Bruce Miller, Second Jemma, Skip Emma Dalton.

The Bendigo Encouragement Award went to Kate Cross.

For the finals, the teams will be split up into 3 grades, which is determined by the final ladder positions.

Grade 1 –

Bendigo Bank v. Old Dogs
Dim Laundromat v. S & S

Grade 2 -

B.B.s v. Scatmen
Antwerp v. Wallup

Grade 3 –

Spastic Sea Gulls v. The Kays
Gerang v. Warreguk

On Thursday night, it was again proven that bowls is for all ages as three generations of the Hughes family played in the same team.

On Sunday, the first rounds of the club Mixed Championship Pairs were played and they will be completed on Saturday.

On Tuesday Peter O’Loughlin, Greg Cook, Darryl Both and Geoff Gazelle will represent the club in the Bowls Wimmera Fours at Kaniva.

Names are to be put up on for the board for the club Championship Fours.

In September 2017, it will be 100 years since the sons of Edwin and Polly were killed in the First World War, only 4 days apart.

To commemorate this event, on Sunday 24th of September 2017, a service will be held at the Dimboola Cemetery.

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