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Tuesday 22nd May 2018


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Entries up for 2017 Jeparit Easter Fishing Competition

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Saturday, April 15 2017
Author  Dimboola Courier

Entries up for 2017 Jeparit Easter Fishing Competition
More than 440 keen anglers tried their skills on the banks of the Wimmera River on Saturday to land the biggest fish in the annual Jeparit Easter Fishing contest.

Senior entries topped 300, with 313 entered in this category, up from 294 last year, and the 130 Junior entries exceeded 2016 by one.

The 92 eligible fish weighted in by senior competitors included 65 Golden perch (Yellowbelly), 17 Catfish and 10 English perch (Redfin), up on the 87 caught last year, which were made up of 35 English perch (Redfin), 30 Catfish and 22 Golden perch (Yellowbelly).

The winning fish was caught by Russell Osborne and was a 3.851 kilogram golden perch, and he took home a cheque for $2,000 for his effort.

The biggest European Carp of the 38 caught in this category was 1.293 kilograms.

In the Junior section, 47 eligible fish were caught, with 24 Golden Perch, 14 Catfish, 7 English perch (Redfin) and 2 Silver perch, with the winning fish reeled in by Rhys Dickerson of Horsham being a 1928 gram Yellowbelly which won him $500 and a swag.

The nominated target for the Kevin Humphery Memorial Lucky Weight prize was 617 grams, and it was Gary Jordan from Horsham who landed a Yellowbelly of exactly that weight.

The raffle held on the day raised around $2,000 for the Good Friday Appeal.



No. Name Town Fish Weight
1 Russell Osborne Horsham Yellowbelly    3851 grams
2 Sandy Vaughan Balmoral Yellowbelly 3338 grams
3 Jason Davidson Sunbury Yellowbelly 3004 grams
4 Soe Naing Horsham Yellowbelly 2930 grams
5 Gordon Stevenson Gordon Yellowbelly 2622 grams
6 Mark Walkenhorst   Cranbourne West    Yellowbelly 2226 grams
7 Troy Mickan Hahndorf Yellowbelly 2171 grams
8 Chris Domaschenz Horsham Yellowbelly 2067 grams
9 Shayne Wallis Serviceton Yellowbelly 1982 grams
10 Acncz Say Nhill Yellowbelly 1788 grams
11 Brent Walker Horsham Yellowbelly 1667 grams
12 Locky Greig Horsham Yellowbelly 1639 grams
13 Peter Bone Nhill Yellowbelly 1622 grams
14 Bryce Day Jeparit Yellowbelly 1622 grams
15 Jack Bone Kaniva Yellowbelly 1593 grams

2017 Heaviest Fish Winner - Russell Osborne – Horsham

Senior - Carp

No. Name Town Weight
1 Colin Williams Horsham 2913 grams
2 Ian Taylor   2578 grams

Kevin Humphery Memorial Lucky Weight

Name Town Fish Wieght
Gary Jordan    Horsham    Yellowbelly    617 grams


No. Name Town Fish Weight
1 Rhys Dickerson Horsham    Yellowbelly   1928 grams
2 Bronte WilliamsHorsham Yellowbelly 1494 grams
3 Ethan King Jeparit Yellowbelly 1159 grams
4 Cassidy Jones Nhill Yellowbelly 1110 grams
5 Annabelle Walker    Horsham Yellowbelly 1100 grams
6 Tayte Dickerson Horsham Yellowbelly 1099 grams
7 Chelsea Bone Nhill Yellowbelly 1058 grams
8 Tobey Anson Horsham Yellowbelly 1008 grams
9 Olivia Revell Dimboola Yellowbelly 990 grams
10 Rhiannon Smith Nhill Yellowbelly957 grams
11 AJ Beatie Nhill Yellowbelly 919 grams
12 Tilli Menzel Nhill Yellowbelly 906 grams
13 Millie Wright Hamilton Yellowbelly881 grams
14 Tori Menzel Nhill Yellowbelly 856 grams
15 Oliver Bone Nhill Yellowbelly 849 grams

2017 Junior Heaviest Fish Winner - Rhys Dickerson (right) – Horsham with Jeparit Anglers Club President, Rick Day

Junior – Carp

No. Name Town Weight
1 Jordan Nitschke     2581 grams
2 Verity Williams Horsham    2458 grams

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