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Thursday 19th April 2018


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Artist to shed new light on Rainbow nightscape

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Date Published  Monday, April 17 2017
Author  Contributed - Oasis Rainbow

Artist to shed new light on Rainbow nightscape
Large balls of mesmerizing light are set to burst on to Rainbow nightscape when residents and students gather for unique and fun light painting workshops in Rainbow in coming weeks.

The events, for the community on April 30 and students on May 1, will be led by South Australian light painter David Wilson.

Mr Wilson who previously worked for many years in film and television, turned to light painting about five years ago by chance when he began stills photography.

Image above - some of Wilson’s work at the Old Rodeo Grounds at Berri in the South Australian Riverland. Image contributed.

“I went online to look a few different photography skills and discovered long exposure and light painting.”

Since then he has been holding light painting workshops in many communities throughout regional South Australia.

“Everyone went crazy for it. We are classing it as art therapy and people get a blast out of it.”

Images from previous workshops include balls of red and golden light, old cars brought to life by light and smoky images wafting in a sea of colour.

Mr Wilson said light painting was not only an accessible art form but one that could appeal to unskilled photographers as well as those considering it as a career.

“It doesn’t have to be a $2000 camera you use – it is about the art not the equipment you have got.”

“But if you are thinking about becoming a photographer or film maker it really helps you with your skills- it involves framing, exposure and shutter speed.”

Mr Wilson said the Rainbow workshop would provide a chance for residents to get a basic introduction to light painting and try a few skills before working in a group to develop a more substantial image.

“We want them to get a feel for the creative side of it. It is a really magical thing. And it is a bit like pottery - when you put a pot in the kiln you really don’t know how it will come out.“

He said one time a woman had run up and down a sand dune to create a random work, only to find out she had created an image of a whale.

Mr Wilson said while light painting could be done in rural and urban locations there was a certain magic about working in regional communities.

He said different landscapes and plants also reacted differently to the light.

“Some jump out a bit more than other things. It is also other worldly and colourful and things look surreal.”

Mr Wilson said he was now experimenting with stencils, modelling and animation and one artist had combined fabric to create the illusion of water. Communities could also choose several special images to be illuminated into air.

He urged residents, no matter what their artistic or photographic skills, to join in the workshops and have some fun and see their landscape and community in a whole new light on April 30.

Workshop set-up and basic light painting theory from 4.30pm at Oasis, 30 Bow Street, Rainbow. To find out more, or book your place at the workshop, call Adelle Rohrsheim at Oasis or get in touch via their Facebook page - www.facebook.com/TheOasisRainbow.

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