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Tuesday 22nd May 2018


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Hot weekend at Blue Ribbon Speedway this weekend

Article Category  Current News
Date Published  Wednesday, June 7 2017
Author  Jamie Collins and Mark Cowin

Hot weekend at Blue Ribbon Speedway this weekend
Horsham Motor Sports Club will wrap up the season at the ‘track in the paddock’ at Kalkee with a speedway carnival this Saturday and Sunday.

The annual two day race meeting will be held on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th, with speedway drivers from across Victoria and South Australia racing on both days.

A big field Wingless Sprint Cars have nominated to race on the weekend, in what has become an annual feature race. The class is becoming as popular as the Winged Sprincars and, although not having the horsepower of the 360 and 410 cu inch cars, they make it up with aerial acrobatics due to the lack of the large aerodynamic wings on the cars, always a great show.

Horsham drivers, Jeremy Beddison and Steve Hately who both have raced at many tracks across the State, look forward to finally challenging the field on their home track. Horsham also has a new Wingless Sprint driver, Robert Whiteside who, after a huge accident while racing at Mildura, required a complete rebuild of his car and is looking forward to finally racing on his home track.

Limited Sportsman will also feature on the weekend. Three heat races will decide the starting positions of the feature race later in the evening.

The ‘Sporties’ will return to the track on Sunday, but with a new field of drivers. Many of the drivers will be handing over their race cars to new drivers who interested in giving the unique open-wheeled speedway class a go.

Three Litre Sedans will race over both days, but with a twist. On Saturday the drivers will be paired up in teams and the drivers will race for team awards.

More features of the weekend will be the annual SSA Ladies race and also the Junior Sedans. The junior program has been well supported and it is always exciting to see the up and coming speedway drivers of tomorrow learn their craft. Both classes have good nominations and should provide some exciting racing.

A treat of vintage speedway will be on display with a large list featuring Vintage Stock Cars, Vintage Heavy Hotrods and Vintage Saloon Cars. This class of cars are an exhibition class only with many of the cars being original cars from the birth of speedway racing in Australia. The exhibition status of these cars means that they appear purely for the love of the sport as there is no prize money paid and placings and laps are not scored. This of course does not mean that the drivers do not try to showcase their cars to the utmost of their abilities as many of the drivers have years of experience under their helmets if not their belts and they love nothing more than showcasing these cars for the fans new and old.

Photo above: Vintage stockcars will give fans a look at the early history of Speedway. Courtesy of M&L Speedway Photography.

V8 Trucks, Street Stock and Open SSA Sedans and SSA Sedan Mechanics will be supporting the fields during the weekend and are crowd favorites in their own rights with the big V8 trucks thundering around the turns and unbelievable speeds and finesse.

With this being the final event for the season all competitors and the tireless volunteers that put in the hard yards preparing the track, running the canteens and picking up the rubbish after the meeting will be wanting to put on a big show for all the fans that have stood by the club again this year and look forward to another large crowd for both days.

Gates will open Saturday at 2pm with the action to start at 3pm, Sunday the action to start at 1pm.

Fans are invited into the pits prior to the meeting to meet the men and women that put on a show for your entertainment and love to talk about their cars.

Admission is $20 for adults, $15 for pensioners and $10 for students. Children under 12 get in for free.

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