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Monday 18th December 2017

Tomorrow, Tuesday 19th December 2017 has been declared a day of Total Fire Ban in the Wimmera, Mallee, Northern Country and North East districts of Victoria.

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Dimboola Bowls | Dimboola 2 defeat Coughlin Park

Article Category  Dimboola Courier > Sport
Date Published  Monday, November 27 2017
Author  David Farmer

Dimboola Bowls | Dimboola 2 defeat Coughlin Park
Wednesday’s Social Bowls
Social bowls winners were Alex Orcsik and Darryl Argall.

Saturday’s Pennant Bowls
Dimboola 1 were defeated by Sunnyside 1 by 21 shots 76-97.

Geoff Gazelle’s team drew 23-23, Alan Krahe’s team lost 15-33, Peter O’Loughlin’s team won 25-14, and Cliff Unger’s team lost 13-27.

Dimboola 2 had their second win of the year defeating Coughlin Park 3 by 14 shots 112-98.

Bob Gooding’s team won 30-20, Lorraine Ross’s team won 28-20, Rob Pyers team won 32-22 and Gordon Miller’s team lost 22-36.

On Saturday Dimboola 1 are home to Coughlin Park 2 and Dimboola 2 are away to Goroke.

Dimboola 1 teams are
Ron Gaulke, Peter Ross, Wayne Albrecht, Alan Krahe(s)
Alex Orcsik, Frank Neagle, Darryl Argall, Geoff Gazelle(s)
Rick Danisch, Judith Albrecht, Merv Roberts, Cliff Unger(s)
Darryl Both, Greg Cook, Daniel Danisch, Peter O’Loughlin(s)
Manager Darryl Both, afternoon tea required.

Dimboola 2 teams are
Max Pilmore, Judy Neagle, Trevor Werner, John Moar(s)
David Farmer, Mary Argall, Pam Budde, Gordon Miller(s)
Che Pyers, Ian McRae, Robert Clark, Rob Pyers (s)
Max Walker, Don Hallam, Lois Gauke, Bob Gooding(s)
Manager David Farmer, cars leave 12 noon.

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