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Thursday 19th April 2018


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Youth Councillors work on leadership at annual retreat

Article Category  Dimboola Courier > Community Interest
Date Published  Tuesday, March 27 2018
Author  Hindmarsh Shire Council
\Photo"  Hindmarsh Shire Council

Youth Councillors work on leadership at annual retreat
The members of the 2018 Hindmarsh Shire Youth Councillors gathered recently at the Little Desert Nature Lodge south of Nhill to participate in their annual leadership retreat.

The retreat was held over the weekend of Friday 16 to Sunday 18 March and it’s aim is to set the Youth Councillors up with the foundations to work collaboratively as a team and build on the individual strengths of each member.

Youth leadership workshop facilitation experts, YLead, travelled to Nhill to facilitate the weekend’s activities and teach participants required skills. YLead specialises in providing leadership programs that build confidence, create united cohorts and motivate students to be active leaders in their school and broader communities.

Across three days Youth Councillors learnt how to:

  • Develop positive group dynamics through a series of team based activities that challenge participants to work cooperatively
  • Encourage participants to reflect on their personal strengths and gain confidence in their ability to lead
  • Challenge students with the notion of creating a legacy by positively influencing others
  • Explore the importance of setting goals and identify the keys to achieving them
  • Empower participants to lead themselves and take responsibility for their own choices and actions

The Hindmarsh Shire Youth Councillors for 2018 are:

2018 Youth of the Year - Tha Blay Sher
West Ward - Brodie Kennedy, Elena James, Ruby James & Nan Da San Bleh Dah
North Ward - Bridie O’Halloran, Nicholas Roll, Aidan Gelligen & Jordy Leach
East Ward - Kynan Clarke, Danni Haebich & Teo Haines

Above (from left) Michaela from YLEAD and Hindmarsh Youth Councillors Danni Haebich, Nicholas Roll, Teo Haines, Bridie O’Halloran, Brodie Kennedy, Jordy Leach, Ruby James, Aidan Gelligen and Kynan Clarke at the retreat.

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