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Thursday 19th April 2018


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Police disappointed as Operation Nexus results released

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Date Published  Tuesday, April 3 2018

Police disappointed as Operation Nexus results released
Victoria Police’s Operation Nexus conducted over the long weekend has come to an end, and police are disappointed with the number of motorists caught for a range of offences.

Over 550 drink and drug drivers were caught across the state during the five days of the operation.

Disappointingly a further 4119 motorists were also nabbed speeding and 352 people detected using their mobile phones.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said it is disappointing that motorists still chose to do the wrong thing when behind the wheel and risk not only their own lives but the lives of others.

“With a strong police presence out on the roads over the long weekend our police officers detected over 9,570 traffic offences,” AC Fryer said.

“Three hundred and twenty-seven drink drivers and 230 drug offences were also detected. With over 227,822 preliminary breath tests and 2,336 drug tests conducted, the strike rate of detection was 1:697 and 1:10 motorists respectively.

Death on the roads
“Sadly a motorcycle rider died on our roads on Saturday afternoon in Marysville after his motorcycle and a car collided just before 3pm.

“While three people lost their lives over last year’s last Easter weekend, we find no respite in hearing about the death of this rider’s life as we aim for zero.”

The road toll to Monday night, 3rd April 2018, is equal to the same time last year at 57.

Other offences detected over the weekend include:
  • 198 Disqualified/Suspended Drivers
  • 414 Unlicensed Drivers
  • 973 Unregistered Vehicles
  • 4,119 Speeding Offences
  • 352 Mobile Phone Offences
  • 723 Disobey Signs/Signals
  • 70 Vehicle Impounds
  • 324 Seat Belt Offences
Operation Nexus ran from 12.01am on Thursday 29 March until 11.59pm Monday 2 April.

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