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Thursday 19th April 2018


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Rainbow and Dimboola skate parks officially opened

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Date Published  Thursday, April 12 2018
Author  Hindmarsh Shire
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Rainbow and Dimboola skate parks officially opened
Children and youth of Hindmarsh Shire are delighted that they can now use the new Rainbow and Dimboola Skate Parks following their official openings on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

It is estimated that nearly 200 people attended both openings that consisted of a broad range of younger children, teenagers, parents and grandparents plus interested residents.

Hindmarsh Shire Council Mayor, Cr Ron Ismay said “Rather than just hold an official opening, we decided to turn both openings into interactive and entertaining events and judging by the number of people attending, I believe we achieved our aim”.

Skate workshops were conducted at both events by Phil Marshall and Toby Stanley from Melbourne based skate company Ownlife while Sunshine Coast, Queensland based Ben and Jake from Board Store / Trinity Skate Parks joined them for skate demonstrations. Clayton Farmer, proprietor of Trinity Skate Parks who constructed both facilities attended both openings.

Above - Ben from Board Store / Trinity Skate Parks in action at Dimboola.

Horsham based Vornehm Audio Visual provided music at both events.

Hindmarsh Shire Youth Councillors Bridie O’Halloran and Jordan Leach acted as Master of Ceremonies at Rainbow while Danni Haebich and Kynan Clarke performed the role at Dimboola.

The skate parks were identified as priorities in the Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council Youth Strategy 2016 – 2020 as a way of providing increased outdoor activities for youth. The skate parks were also prioritised in the Hindmarsh Shire Sport and Recreation Strategy 2016, the 2017 – 2021 Council Plan, the Dimboola Community Precinct Plan and the Rainbow Community Plan.

During his official opening address Cr Ismay said “Designs for the Rainbow and Dimboola Skate Parks were undertaken by Melbourne based company Enlocus who held a number of consultations with users before finalising the design.
Council awarded the tender for construction of both the Dimboola and Rainbow Skate Parks in October 2017 to Queensland based company, Trinity Skate Parks”.

He added “Initial indications were that construction would commence in May / June 2018, but fortunately for Council, skaters and scooter riders, Trinity Skate Parks advised Council that they could re-schedule other contracts and commence construction as early as November / December 2017”.

Construction of the Dimboola Skate Park commenced in December and was ready for use just after Christmas and construction of the Rainbow facility commenced mid-January.

One prominent and well respected Rainbow resident was overheard at the opening in saying “Not only is the skate park a great recreational asset for the community, it is like a piece of art and fits perfectly within The Oasis”

Construction of the Dimboola and Rainbow Skate Parks was made possible with funding from the Victorian Government’s 2017 – 2018 Community Sports Infrastructure Fund and Hindmarsh Shire Council.

Funding has been allocated and community consultation is well underway towards the construction of a new skate park in Nhill.

Council recently received advice from the Hon John Eren, MP Minister for Sport, that funding of $100,000 has been provided through the Victorian Government’s 2018 – 2019 Community Sports Infrastructure Fund for the Nhill project, and Council will contribute the balance of funds required.

The proposed new skate park will be constructed from concrete and will be designed in such a way that it will encourage and challenge new and experienced skaters alike.

It is proposed that the design for the Nhill skate park will be different to the recently constructed skate parks in Dimboola and Rainbow, providing three unique challenges for participants across the Shire.

Youth Councillors Kynan Clarke (left) and Danni Haebich with Mayor Ron Ismay (centre) at the opening of the new Dimboola Skate Park on Tuesday.

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