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Thursday 24th September 2020

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Mayoral Matters - September 2020

 Mayoral Columns
 Friday 4th September 2020
 Cr Rob Gersch
 File Photo

Mayoral Matters - September 2020
Have we turned the corner? Yes, but slowly. The return to normality needs to be slow and cautious. We in Hindmarsh Shire are only one of three Local Government areas virus free and we need to keep it that way.

Council’s Community Revitalisation Reference Group has invited residents to complete the survey that is available on Council’s website so that information can be collated in assisting the future of decisions made for recovery.

The lifting of stringent restrictions for border crossovers has made life a little easier for those affected.

Zoom meetings are the norm at this time for most meetings. While they work quite well, it will be good to return to normal where you are in the same room.

Council has appreciated the Working for Victoria program. The additional staff have allowed for extra work in our towns that normal staff do not have the time to perform. Also, the additional cleaning that is being carried out is helping in COVID-19 suppression.

Council is appreciative of our indoor staff for the inconvenience of working at home and staff that are attending the workplace. We also acknowledge all outdoor staff for their support with all health requirements.

The season is still looking promising but further rains will be needed to consolidate a good harvest. With Council elections coming up, I urge all voters to consider their obligation to vote. Voting is compulsory, which I support, so make your vote count. You only have this democratic opportunity every four years in Local Government.

While it will not be a normal Father’s Day, it still is important to say “Happy Father’s Day”.

Look after yourself.

Cr Rob Gersch

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