Ambulance Victoria has renamed this month as Shocktober to focus awareness on to early care of a person who has suffered a cardiac arrest.

Early intervention can save the lives of victims who suffer cardiac arrest, also referred to as a heart attack, with the use of an AED, or Automatic External Defibrillator, can help keen them alive before porfessional medical help arrives.

Contacting ‘000’ as quickly as possible, followed by administering CPR and the use of an AED can all be vital in saving a life.

This Ambulance Victoria video shows what should be done to help someone experiencing a cardiac arrest, including CPR and the use of an AED.

An increasing number of AEDs are appearing throughout the community in places such as sporting clubs, a variety of public places, and some emergency vehicles. Due to where some are stored, such as at schools, they are not all are available at all hours.

The following are the locations of local AEDs as listed on the Ambulance Victoria’s Find an AED website which lists their location and the times they are accessible, and there are more being delivered and becoming available, such as iun front of the Grainrite factory in Tarranyurk.

  • Dimboola Memorial Secondary College
  • Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre
  • Dimboola Golf Club
  • Police Station in Hindmarsh Street.
  • Jeparit Ambulance Victoria First Responder CERT Team quick response car
  • Jeparit Fire Brigade have an AED in one of their trucks.
  • Rainbow Mens Shed - King Street
  • Post Office - Federal Street
  • Rainbow Recreation Reserve
  • Rainbow P-12 College
  • Nhill Aerodrome
  • Nhill A and P Society
  • Nhill College - Lowan Sports Centre
  • Nhill College
  • Hindmarsh Shire - 2 Station Street
  • West Wimmera Health Service
Above - Pictured with the three AEDs located in Jeparit are, from left to right, Chris Rosewall, Team Leader of Jeparit Ambulance Victoria First Responder CERT Team and firefighter, Alicia Rosewall, member of Jeparit Ambulance Victoria First Responder CERT Team and Jeparit Fire Brigade Third Lieutenant, Adrian King, Jeparit Fire Brigade Captain, Maurice Hocking, firefighter, and Graham Blair, LSC Jeparit Victoria Police.