Round four of the Dimboola and District Tennis Association season continued in beautiful weather – a nice change from the previous week - with Warrack Gold and Hopetoun strengthening their grip on the top of the ladder.

Rainbow was host to Antwerp this week. The Antwerp Mixed team were too good for Rainbow winning their games 5 sets, 49 games over Rainbow 1 set, 32 games.

The Antwerp men were also too strong for Rainbow defeating them 5 sets, 53 games to Rainbow’s 1 set, 27 games. Again, the Antwerp ladies took out their round winning 5 sets, 47 games to Rainbow’s 1 set, 27 games. The overall score was Antwerp 5 match points, 15 sets, 149 games to Rainbow 0 match points, 3 sets, 86 games.

Hopetoun was welcomed at the Brim courts. Hopetoun narrowly won their Mixed winning games 3 sets, 42 games including a tie-breaker over Brim’s 3 sets, 40 games.

The Hopetoun men were too strong winning their games 4 sets, 49 games to Brim 2 sets, 28 games. The Hopetoun ladies narrowly took out their games winning 4 sets, 40 games to Brim 2 sets 38 games. Overall score was Hopetoun 5 match points, 11 sets, 131 games to Brim 0 match points, 7 sets, 106 games.

Unfortunately, the match scheduled between Jeparit and Dimboola was forfeited as Dimboola were unable to field a team.

The last match for the weekend was Warrack Gold hosting Arkona at Anzac Park. The Warrack Mixed team won all their sets including a tie breaker 6 sets, 54 points to Arkona 0 sets 26 points. The Arkona Men narrowly won their game 3 sets, 44 games to Warrack 3 sets 40 games which included a tie-breaker. But the Warrack Women were too strong winning 6 sets 54 games to Arkona 0 sets, 24 games. Overall scores Warrack 4 match points, 15 sets, 148 games to Arkona 1 match point, 3 sets, 94 games.

Ladder after Round Four

Warrack Gold   18  222.76
Hopetoun 18 149.16
Antwerp 13 126.89
Jeparit 9 103.59
Brim 7.5 88.2
Rainbow 6.5 61.12
Arkona 3 69.11
Dimboola 0 58.52

Round Four Results

Warrack Gold v Arkona

Mixed: Mitch Greenwood, Lauren Kellett d Russell Hunter, Meagan Pohlner 9-8, Shaune Winsall, Rikki Nitschke d Mitchell & Tracey Jorgensen 9-5, Chris Kellett, Jan Greenwood d Jonty Hunter, Megan Hutchinson 9-3, Daniel McKenzie, Lynley Clyne d Johno O’Dwyer, Kaylene Pietsch 9-5, Dave Nitschke, Kirrilee Rowe d Evan Hunter, Petra Wolthuis 9-4, Harry Allan, Carol Morcom d Tonnis & Joanne Wolthuis 9-1.

Men: M. Greenwood, D. McKenzie lost to R. & J. Hunter 7-9, C. Kellett, D. Nitschke d J. O’Dwyer, E. Hunter 9-3, M. Greenwood, S. Winsall lost to R. Hunter, M. Jorgensen 2-9, C. Kellett, H. Allan d J. O’Dywer, T. Wolthuis 9-8, S. Winsall, D. McKenzie lost to M. Jorgensen, J. Hunter 4-9, D. Nitschke, H. Allan d E. Hunter, T. Wolthuis 9-6.

Ladies: L. Kellett, J. Greenwood d M. Pohlner, M. Hutchinson 9-7, L. Clyne, C. Morcom d K. Pietsch, P. Wolthuis 9-6, L. Kellett, R. Nitschke d M. Pohlner, T. Jorgensen 9-5, L. Clyne, K. Rowe d K. Pietsch, J. Wolthuis 9-2, R. Nitschke, J. Greenwood d T. Jorgensen, M. Hutchinson 9-2, C. Morcom, K. Rowe d P. & J. Wolthuis 9-2.

Brim v Hopetoun

Mixed: Lachie Stewart, Kylie O’Connor lost to Jacob Holm Remy George 8-9, Cameron Blinman, Casey Quick d Taylor Donnan, Trudi Hallam 9-8, Hugh Keam, Molly Stewart d Jonty Bellinger, Talia Durie 9-2, Josiah Keam, Kiani Stewart d Alex Kovoor, Mackenzie Bellinger 9-5, Lachie Golder, Merrily Keam lost to Zac Robins, Abbey White 5-9, Darren & Amanda Marshman lost to Nathan Williams, Nicole McLean 0-9.

Men: L. Stewart, H. Keam d J. Holm, J. Bellinger 9-7, J. Keam, L. Golder d A. Kovoor, Z. Robins 9-6, L. Stewart, C. Blinman lost to J. Holm, T. Donnan 3-9, J. Keam, D. Marshman lost to A. Kovoor, N. Williams 2-9, C. Blinman, H. Keam lost to T. Donnan, J. Bellinger 4-9, L. Golder, D. Marshman lost to Z. Robins, N. Williams 1-9.

Ladies: K. O’Connor, M. Stewart lost to R. George, T. Durie 2-9, K. Stewart, M. Keam d N. McLean, A. White 2-4, K. O’Connor, C. Quick lost to R. George, T. Hallam 4-9, K. Stewart, A. Marshman lost to N. McLean, M. Bellinger 8-9, C. Quick, M. Stewart lost to T. Hallam, T. Durie 6-9, M. Keam, A. Marshman d A. White, M. Bellinger 9-0.

Rainbow v Antwerp

Mixed: Simon Clugston, Rowena Keller lost to Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig 8-9, Eddie & Lauren Hallam lost to Daniel Polack, Emily Polack 1-9. Nathan & Rylee Cocks lost to Daniel Greig, Sam Baker 1-9, Jacob Cocks, Bianca Orr lost to Shane Bond, Alicia Albrecht 7-9, Aidan Gelligen, Colleen Petschel lost to Don Clark, Luc Newton 6-9, Rhys Boehm, Sophie Thomas d Cooper Stasinowsky, Ant Toet 9-4.

Men: S. Clugston, N. Cocks lost to T. Jorgensen, D. Greig 2-9, J. Cocks, A. Gelligen lost to D. Clark, S. Bond 0-9, S. Clugston, E. Hallam d T. Jorgensen, D. Polack 9-8, J. Cocks, R. Boehm lost to D. Clark, C. Stasinowsky 6-9, E. Hallam, N. Cocks lost to D. Polack, D. Greig 2-9, A. Gelligen, R. Boehm lost to S. Bond, C. Stasinowsky 8-9.

Ladies: R. Keller, R. Cocks lost to A. Greig, A. Albrecht 2-9, B. Orr, C. Petschel lost to D. Baker, A. Toet 6-9, R. Keller, L. Hallam lost to A. Greig, E. Polack 7-9, B. Orr, S. Thomas lost to S. Baker, L. Newton 0-9, L. Hallam, R. Cocks lost to E. Polack, A. Albrecht 3-9, C. Petschel, S. Thomas d A. Toet, L. Newton 9-2.

Jeparit defeated Dimboola on forfeit.