The result of the First Division match wasn’t decided until the last bowl of the day, and the Second Division team had n win.
It was down to the last bowl of the day for First Division with Dimboola holding a two shot margin and Coughlin Park having one bowl remaining, the Coughlin Park skipper sent his last bowl down with a fair bit of weight and was able to knock the Dimboola bowl out and pick up two shots making the overall result a draw, 74 shots each.

The side of Rob Pyers, Greg Cook, Judith Albrecht and Shannon Williams held on for a win 28-23 after having a big lead early in the game, the side of Peter O’Loughlin, Daniel Danisch, Cliff Unger and Geoff Gazelle had a topsy turvy day and came away with a draw 23 shots all.

The side of Alan Krahe, Wayne Albrecht, Josh Cook and Merv Roberts after being well down early fought back well over the last few ends to go down 23-28.

This week the First Division will travel to Horsham Golf.

Second Division played Coughlin Park’s second division side and came away with a good win, 82-64.

They were led by the side of Darryl Both, Bill Ballard, Rob Clark and Ian Barry recording a big win 30-18, not far behind was the side of Darryl Argall, Ron Gaulke, Bob Gooding and Bryan Beattie winning by 8 shots, 30-22.

The side of Ric Danisch, John Moar, Mark Gaulke and Don Hallam had a close game only going down by 2 shots, 22-24.

This week the Second Division will travel to Natimuk.

This weeks teams -

First Division at Horsham Golf - cars leave at 12:30

Skips:Rob PyersPeter O’Loughlin  Alan Krahe
Thirds:Greg CookWayne AlbrechtJosh Cook
Seconds:  Judy AlbrechtCliff UngerGeoff Gazelle
Leads:Shannon Williams  Ron GaulkeMerv Roberts

Second Divisionat Natimuk - cars leave 12:20

Skips:Ric DanischDarryl Argall  Darryl Both
Thirds:John MoarMax WalkerMark Gaulke
Seconds:  Max PilmoreBillBallardBryan Beattie
Leads:Bill Eldridge  Alex OrcsikIan Barry

Emergencies: Ian McRae and Bob Gooding.

All the best in bowling
Kittyhawk Pete
Peter O’Loughlin