The top four teams are beginning to draw away from the rest of the field after round five of the Dimboola and District Tennis Association season, after three of the top team registered solid wins on the weekend.

On Friday night, the first match to take place at the Dimboola Health & Fitness Centre courts this season due to the relaxing of the restrictions was Arkona hosting Rainbow.

Arkona was the stronger team on the night with the Mixed winning 3 sets, 34 games over Rainbow 1 set, 19 games followed by the Men winning 3 sets, 34 games to Rainbow 1 set, 18 games. The Arkona ladies also won their match 3 sets, 35 games to Rainbow ladies 1 set, 19 games.

The overall score was Arkona 5 points, 9 sets, 103 games to Rainbow’s 0 points, 3 sets, 56 games.

Above - Mitchell Jorgensen in action for Arkona on Friday evening.

On Saturday, Warrack Gold travelled to the Dimboola Health & Fitness Centre courts for their match with host team Antwerp. The Antwerp Mixed won their match 3 sets, 46 games to Warrack Gold 3 sets, 38 games. The Antwerp Men were strong winning their match 5 sets, 49 games to Warrack Gold 1 set, 30 games. The Warrack Gold Ladies however took their win 4 sets, 49 games to Antwerp 2 sets, 31 games.

The overall score was Antwerp 4 points, 10 sets, 126 games to Warrack Gold 1 point, 8 sets, 117 games.

Dimboola also hosted Hopetoun at the Dimboola Health & Fitness Centre courts.

Hopetoun was the stronger team on the day with the Mixed winning 3 sets, 40 games to Dimboola 2 sets, 30 games. The Hopetoun Men won their match 3 sets, 35 games to Dimboola 2 sets, 29 games. The Hopetoun Ladies also strong winning all their sets 5 and 45 games to Dimboola 2 sets, 14 games.

Overall score was Hopetoun 5 points, 11 sets, 120 games to Dimboola 0 points, 4 sets, 73 games.

Jeparit hosted Brim on Saturday.

Jeparit Mixed narrowly won their match winning 3 sets, 45 games to Brim 3 sets, 43 games. The Jeparit Men won their match 2 sets, 46 games to Brim 4 sets, 41 games. However, the Jeparit Ladies were stronger winning their 4 sets, 49 games to Brim 2 sets, 33 games.

Overall score was Jeparit 3.5 points, 9 sets, 140 games to Brim 1.5 points, 9 sets, 117 games.

Ladder after Round Five

Hopetoun23  152.15
Warrack Gold  19181.22
Dimboola 059.09

Round Five Results

Arkona v Rainbow

Mixed: Russell Hunter, Meaghan Pohlner d Lucas Edelsten, Rowena Keller 9-7, Nick Pietsch, Elizabeth Klinge lost to Will & Georgia Batson 7-9, Mitchell & Tracey Jorgensen d Aiden Gelligen, Sophie Thomas 9-1, Jonty Hunter, Megan Hutchinson d Matthew Thomas, Cooper Stasinowsky 9-2.

Men: R. Hunter, M. Jorgensen d L. Edelsten, A. Gelligen 9-3, N. Pietsch, J. Hunter d W. Batson, M. Thomas 9-4, R. Hunter, N. Pietsch lost to L. Edelsten, W. Batson 7-9, M. Jorgensen, J. Hunter d A. Gelligen, M. Thomas 9-2.

Ladies: E. Klinge, T. Jorgensen d R. Keller, S. Thomas 9-5, M. Pohlner, M. Hutchinson d G. Batson, C. Stasinowsky 9-3, E. Klinge, M. Pohlner lost to R. Keller, G. Batson 8-9, T. Jorgensen, M. Hutchinson d S. Thomas, C. Stasinowsky 9-2.

Antwerp v Warrack Gold

Mixed: Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig lost to Mitch Greenwood, Sarah Spicer 8-9, Chris Avery, Emily Polack d Cameron Clyne, Emma Koschitzke 9-8, Don Clark, Heather Joregensen lost to Daniel McKenzie, Lauren Kellett 5-9, Shane Bond, Alicia Albrecht d Jan Greenwood, Lynley Clyne 9-3, Ash Avery, Sam Baker lost to Chris Kellett, Kirrilee Rowe 6-9, Simon Albrecht, Ant Toet d Harry Allan, Gen Gregson 9-0.

Men: T. Jorgensen, D. Clark d M. Greenwood, D. McKenzie 9-5, S. Bond, A. Avery lost to J. Greenwood, C. Kellett 4-9, T. Jorgensen, C. Avery d M. Greenwood, C. Clyne 9-5, S. Bond, S. Albrecht d J. Greenwood, H. Allan 9-7, C. Avery, D. Clark d C. Clyne, D. McKenzie 9-3, A. Avery, S. Albrecht d C. Kellett, H. Allan 9-1.

Ladies: A. Greig, A. Albrecht lost to S. Spicer, L. Kellett 1-9, H. Jorgensen, S. Baker d L. Clyne, K. Rowe 9-5, A. Greig, E. Polack lost to S. Spicer, E. Koschitzke 1-9, H. Jorgensen, A. Toet lost to L. Clyne, G. Gregson 8-9, E. Polack, A. Albrecht lost to E. Koschitzke, L. Kellett 3-9, S. Baker, A. Toet d K. Rowe, G. Gregson 9-8.

Dimboola v Hopetoun

Mixed: Corey Goss, Jennie Hauselburger lost to Jacob Holm, Remy George 3-9, Ash Clugston, Breanna Eldridge lost to Mal McLean, Trudi Hallam 4-9, Jason & Olivia Revell d Jonty Bellinger, Nicole McLean 9-5, Hamish Bell, Becky Barry lost to Tony George, Terri Cook 5-9, Rob Barry, Issy Clugston d Tristan & Vanessa Glare 9-8.

Men: C. Goss, J. Revell d J. Holm, J. Bellinger 9-7, R. Barry, H. Bell lost to T. George, T. Glare 7-9, C. Goss, A. Clugston lost to J. Holm, M. McLean 3-9. J. Revell, H. Bell d J. Bellinger, T. Glare 9-1, A. Clugston, R. Barry lost to M. McLean, T. George 1-9.

Ladies: J. Hauselberger, B. Barry lost to R. George, N. McLean 0-9, O. Revell, I. Clugston lost to V. Glare, T. Cook 1-9, J. Hauselberger, B. Eldridge lost to R. George, T. Hallam 4-9, B. Barry, I. Clugston lost to N. McLean, T. Cook 3-9, B. Eldridge, O. Revell lost to T. Hallam, V. Glare 6-9.

Jeparit v Brim

Mixed: Ben Inkster, Ebony Spokes lost to Hugh Keam, Molly Stewart 4-9, Daniel Keam, Elly Schumann lost to Lachie Stewart, Casey Quick 6-9, Jarrod Newcombe, Lou Cross d Cameron Blinman, Max Inkster (sub) 9-8, Jason Hutson, Rebecca Schultz d Lachie Golder, Amanda Marshman 9-7, Brett Schultz, Yolande Hutson lost to Levi & Merrily Keam 8-9, Bo Smith, Montanna Hutson d Jake Smith (sub), Melissa Butler (sub) 9-1.

Men: B. Inkster, J. Newcombe lost to H. Keam, C. Blinman 8-9, J. Hutson, B. Schultz lost to L. Golder, L. Keam 7-9, B. Inkster, D. Keam lost to H. Keam, L. Stewart 7-9, J. Hutson, B. Smith d L. Golder, J. Smith 9-2, D. Keam, J. Newcombe lost to L. Stewart, C. Blinman 6-9, B. Schultz, B. Smith d K. Keam, J. Smith 9-3.

Ladies: E. Spokes, L. Cross d M. Stewart, M. Inkster 9-2, Y. Hutson, B. Schultz d A. Marshman, M. Keam 9-2, E. Spokes, E. Schumann d M. Stewart, C. Quick 9-4, Y. & M. Hutson d A. Marshman, M. Butler 9-7, E. Schumann, L. Cross lost to C. Quick, M. Inkster 7-9, B. Schultz, M. Hutson lost to M. Keam, M. Butler 6-9.