Both West Wimmera Warriors senior teams registered comfortable victories in the second round of the Horsham Cricket Association season on Saturday.

The A Grade team journeyed to Coughlan Park in Horsham to take on the Horsham Saints, and choosing to bat first upon winning the toss, got off to a good start courtesy of Nathan Alexander (24) and another half-century from Mitch Dahlenburg (76).

Bradley Alexander fell just short of also registering a half-century on 46, and Henry Smith put on 22 not out at the end of the innings, taking the total to six for 195 after 40 overs.

In a reply that lasted just 22 overs and yielded a total of 66 runs, the most significant partnership of the Hosrahm Saints’ innings contributed only 13 runs for the seventh wicket.

Bowlers Josh Lees, Nathan Alexander, Tim Breandler, Austin Merrett, and Liam Preston all took two wickets each, and six fieldsmen held catches in a dominant all-round display in the field.

The Warriors return to Davis Park in Nhill next Saturday to take on Rupanyup-Minyip

The C Grade team also travelled, to Noradjuha, to play the Noradjuha Toolondo Bullants, and enjoyed a comfortable win in a Twenty20 match.

Batting first, the team only lost seven wickets on their way to a total of 124 off their twenty overs which was built around opener Dylan Webb who was required to retire, not out, upon reaching 52. Solid contributions were also made by Cody Cardwell with 17 not out and Lochlyn Hahne with 11.

The Bullants started their run chase with a strong 33 run opening stand, but wickets to Xavier Bone and Jack Crowhurst, along with a run out by Bailey Zimmermann, kept the Warriors in the game.

A fourth-wicket partnership that yielded 22 runs threatened to take the home team to victory, but the last six wickets fall for the addition of 16 runs and the team finish 29 short on 95.

Six bowlers shared the wickets, with Webb taking three, Crowhurst two, and Bone, Hahne, Cardwell, and Jarred Dahlenburg took one each.

Next Saturday, Quantong is scheduled to take on the Warriors at Sir Robert Menzies Park in Jeparit, and with both teams undefeated after two rounds, a close game is expected.

Horsham Cricket Association - A Grade - Round 2

West Wimmera Warriors won by 129 runs

West Wimmera Warriors

N Alexanderct. JG Carrollb. B Hamerston   24
M Dahlemburg   Ct. A Laffyb. S Sounness76
A Smith b. B Hamerston0
B Alexanderct. S Dalgleish   b. A Laffy46
L Smithct. S Dalgleishb. JJ Carroll7
T Polkinghornect. & b. JJ Carroll7
H Smithnot out 22
L Prestonnot out 5
Sundries  8
TOTAL 6 for 195

Horsahm Saints Bowling
     O    M    R    W
JG Carroll80400
JJ Carroll80422
B Hamerston   72242
A Laffy80391
S Rahman40150
S Sounness50231

Horsahm Saints

B Sawyerct. L Prestonb. J Lees4
S Dalgleishct. A Smithb. J Lees2
JJ Carroll b. N Alexander   0
S McKinnon b. N Alexander6
J Hedtct. M Dahlenburgb. T Braendler2
M Currillct. T Polkinghorne   b. A Merrett12
A Laffyct. N Alexanderb. T Braendler4
S Rahmannot out 17
B Hamerston   ct. J Leesb. A Merrett0
JG Carrollct. J LeesL Preston0
S Sounnessct. T Polkinghorneb. L Preston4
Sundries  15

West Wimmera Warriors Bowling

     O    M    R    W
J Lees40112
N Alexander   4282
A Smith41130
T Breandler4272
A Merrett2112
L Preston30242
L Smith1010

Horsham Cricket Association - C Grade - Round 2

West Wimmera Warriors won by 29 runs

West Wimmera Warriors First Innings

D Webbretired not out   b. S McKenry52
D Bullenct. B Ansonb. D McKenry  0
J Crowhurstct. C Schmidtb. S McKenry8
L Hahnect. M Ansonb. S McKenry11
T Mitchelllbwb. P Rogers5
M Leachrun out 6
J Dahlenburgct. M Ansonb. S McKenry3
C Cardwellnot out 17
X Bonect. C Schmidtb. J Brown3
B Zimmermann   not out 3
Sundries  11
TOTAL 7 for 1234

Noradjuha Toolondo Bullants Bowling

     O    M    R    W
B Wills3140
D McKenry  30141
B Anson30190
S Oakley30260
S McKenry30233
C Scxhmidt31150
P Rogers1061
J Brown10241

Noradjuha Toolondo Bullants Innings

C Schmidtlbwb. X Bone6
S Oakleyrun out 26
B Wills b. L Hahne34
B Anson b. J Crowhurst0
S McKenty    b. C Cardwell5
J Brown b. J Dahlenburg  0
M Anson b. D Webb6
P Rogersct. T Mitchell   b. D Webb0
CX Gellatly b. D Webb4
D McKenrynot out 1
T Anson b. J Crowhurst0
Sundries  11

West Wimmera Warriors Bowling

     O    M    R    W
X Bone30181
L Hahne30181
B Zimmermann  30160
J Crowhurst2.5032
J Dahlenburg30121
C Cardwell20151
D Webb20133