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Thursday 28th May 2020

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Operation Regal focus on road safety

 Current News
 Thursday 6th June 2019
 Victoria Police
 File Photo

Operation Regal focus on road safety
Police question whether there is a sense of complacency on Victorian roads as the number of lives lost continues to soar. With long weekends being notorious for bad driver behaviour and major car collisions police urge the community to think twice when getting behind the wheel this long weekend.

Operation Regal will commence on Friday, 7 June and will focus on impaired driving, increased traffic on rural roads, towing trailers and caravans, and trail bike riding in state forests and parks.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said if the community continues to believe it will not happen to them, the number of lives lost on the road will continue to skyrocket.

“Every day police continue to attend crash scenes where people have consciously chosen to speed, not wear their seatbelt or drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol,” AC Leane said.

“If you choose to drive this way and something tragic happens, you are ultimately choosing to put your family and friends through an unimaginable amount of pain.

“Police are doing everything we can to curve bad driver behaviour. But without the support and a change in the way people choose to drive we will continue to see carnage on our roads.”

Enforcement activities will vary across the state with police focusing on traffic corridors that link metropolitan areas to popular holiday destinations including the high country (ski fields), Grampians and Lakes regions.

As a part of the operation launch Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, Country Fire Authority, Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Victoria State Emergency Service have partnered together to highlight the importance of slowing down to 40km when passing an emergency services vehicles.

AC Stephen Leane said that if motorists see flashing lights ahead they need to reduce speed, pay attention and slow to 40km when passing.

“Slowing down to 40km is a small inconvenience, but if the community can do this one thing it will keep our people safe,” said AC Leane.

“Slowing for those few short seconds allows us to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. When dealing with life-threatening situations this could be the difference in someone living or dying.”

This long weekend also coincides with the official opening of the Victorian snow season and with many people travelling to their holiday destinations, motorists are reminded to be vigilant on unfamiliar roads and carry appropriate snow gear.

Operation Regal began at 12.01 am this morning, and will run for four days until 11.59 pm Monday 10 June 2019.


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