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Thursday 28th May 2020

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Tidy Towns - Sustainable Communities 2019 Awards finalists announced

 Current News
 Thursday 5th September 2019
 Dimboola Courier/Keep Victoria Beautiful
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Tidy Towns - Sustainable Communities 2019 Awards finalists announced
The finalists for the 2019 Keep Victoria Beautiful Tidy Towns – Sustainable Communities Awards have been announced, and Dimboola is well represented with eleven nominations, including being in the running to defend the prestigious Tidy Town title won last year.

Local individuals who have received nominations as finalists are Jan Ballard, Rebekah Albrecht, Lachlan Schultz and Stuart Harradine, and organisations include the Dimboola Memorial Secondary College, St Peter’s Lutheran School, Rowing Club, Town Committee, the Upper Region Cemetery, Snape Reserve Trust for Nature Committee of Management, and the Hindmarsh Shire and Dimboola Lions Club.

The winners will be announced on 26 October at a gala event to be held in Dimboola.

The following are the nominations in each category -

Active Schools Award

  • Dimboola Memorial Secondary College, Dimboola Mosaic Welcome Board

    This project initially came about as an engagement strategy, as some students were struggling in some of their mainstream classes.

    As local indigenous student, Yasmin Harradine, moved into the VCAL course, the project fit beautifully into the Personal Development Skills subject outcomes. The school was also able to expand on Yasmin’s artwork, by involving the whole class in planning the unveiling day ceremony and baking the lemon myrtle cupcakes, to be eaten by all guests.

    For the official unveiling day, Yasmin and other members of the VCAL class made invitations and planned an agenda. All DMSC students, the families of the school’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, students from both local primary schools, and members of the local community were invited to attend. Yasmin invited guest speakers to talk about the Aboriginal history of the local area and arranged for a traditional smoking ceremony to take place before speaking herself.

    Other nominations -

  • Kialla Children’s Centre, Kialla Children’s Garden
  • St Joseph’s Primary School, Beechworth
  • Dartmoor Primary School, Dartmoor
  • Kalkee Road Kindergarten, Horsham Bush Kinder
  • St Joseph’s Primary School Sorrento, Sorrento
  • 3/4 learning community, Crib Point
  • Tallygaroopna Primary School, Tallygaroopna Resource Smart School
  • Violet Town Kindergarten, Violet Town, Sustainable living practices

    Clean Beach/Waterway Award

  • Dimboola Rowing Club, Dimboola, Making the Wimmera River accessible for all users

    With years of drought, the Dimboola Rowing Club, established in 1882, was dying with no water to train on and unable to attract new rowers to the club.

    After the water returned, the club was hit by the 2011 flood that again destroyed the rowing course.

    With a small team of dedicated members, the club was able to bring back the infamous Dimboola Regatta by cleaning up the rowing course and the foreshores that attract hundreds of rowers and families back to Dimboola for the Regatta.

    In recent years, the club has attracted a team of junior female and male rowers. With the purchase and donations of a new fleet of regulation boats the club has sent their junior crews to state-wide and interstate regattas. The

    new launching pontoon has been installed with support of the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority, Hindmarsh Shire Council, Volunteers and club members.

    Other nominations -

  • Indigo Shire and Beechworth Community, Beechworth, Lake Sambell – “Furthering Positive Usage”
  • Dartmoor DELWP, Dartmoor, Retreat at the River
  • Wimmera CMA, Horsham, Wimmera River Frontage Access Restoration Works
  • Beechworth Rotary Club, Beechworth, Beechworth Rotary Pontoon – Lake Sambell
  • Mt Eliza Plastic Free, Mount Eliza, Mount Eliza Beach Clean
  • Beach Patrol 3280-3284, Warrnambool, Pick Up Sticks

    Community Action & Leadership Award (population 3,000 and below)

  • Dimboola Town Committee, Dimboola, Engaging the Community

    Dimboola is a small country town of approximately 1600 residents and is the hub of a farming community. The Dimboola Town Committee, which is a section 86 of the Hindmarsh Shire, has strong leadership and prides itself in motivating volunteers to get things done to improve the town, which in turn encourages visitors and helps local businesses to survive.

    Dimboola is a friendly little town which has a lot to offer. There is something for everyone – young and old – whether it is sport or just a game of cards and a chat over a coffee. You will be welcomed with a smile.

    Other nominations -

  • Campbell’s Forest & District Community Action Planning Group Inc, Campbell’s Forest & Yarraberb Campbell’s Forest, Yarraberb & District Community Plan 2018-2028
  • Seawinds Boomerang Bags, Capel Sound, Bags and Beds for all
  • Dartmoor & District Progress Association Inc, Dartmoor, The Pride Shows
  • Dookie & District Development Forum, Dookie, Dookie Military Vehicle Rally
  • St Macartans Parish Primary School, Mornington, Love Local Market
  • Southern Aurora Memorial Committee, Violet Town, 50th Commemoration of Southern Aurora Disaster

    Community Action & Leadership Award (population above 3,000)

  • Horsham Agricultural Society, Horsham, New Year’s Eve by the River
  • Horsham Motorcycle Club, Horsham, FIM 2018 Junior World Motocross Championships
  • Rochester Community House, Rochester, Rochester Community House Supporting the Community
  • Dr Trudi Ryan, Beechworth, Festival of Change

    Community Government Partnership Award

  • Jan Ballard, Dimboola, Development of Dimboola Projects

    The well-established relationship between the Hindmarsh Shire Council, Dimboola Town Committee and the Dimboola community continues to grow due to a range of initiatives and projects that have been or will be implemented to improve the infrastructure and amenities of Dimboola.

    These initiatives include the construction of 4 kilometres of walking track and new seating in the business community.

    Along with the Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council, a commissioned mural is planned, to be painted by Travis Price and college students.

    Plans are also under way to develop a visitor node that will become the start of the $1.2 million Wimmera Discovery Trail.

    This year, the Council along with the Dimboola Football and Netball Club have installed new change room for the netballers.

    Other nominations -

  • Beechworth Indigo Shire Council, Local Government and Community Groups, Beechworth
    Battery Storage and Solar Project – Beechworth Library and Memorial Hall
  • Dartmoor & District Progress Association Inc, Dartmoor, Working Together
  • Grampians Central West Waste & Resource Recovery Group, Horsham, Creating Can Do Communities
  • Indigo Shire and Beechworth Presenters, Beechworth, 40th Student Environment Day
  • Horsham Rural City Council, Horsham, Sunnyside Park Landscape Plan
  • Rainbow Progress Association, Rainbow, The Oasis – Community Hub
  • Tally Men’s Shed volunteers, Tallygaroopna, Tallygaroopna Men’s Shed
  • Southern Aurora Memorial Committee, Violet Town, 50th Commemoration of Southern Aurora Disaster
  • Hepburn Shire Community, Hepburn Shire, Z-NET Hepburn Shire

    Cultural Heritage Award

  • Stuart Harradine, Dimboola, Ranch and Billabong

    The Ranch/Billabong is one of few remaining places that connect with how our mob lived before and after settlement.

    We were told stories of the area and how families lived and survived. As kids you don’t really notice much around you, you’re more or less enjoying the moment, but as you get older, you realise what the old people meant by their stories.

    I will always treasure the times our families spent at the Ranch/Billabong. I would love for future generations to experience that culture and history.

    The place is in poor shape and needs to be restored, including a general clean up, revegetation of native plants and re-directing water back into the Billabong. — Dylan Clarke, Chair, Barengi Gadjin Land Council.

  • The Upper Region Cemetery, Dimboola, The Upper Region Cemetery Restoration

    The Upper Region Cemetery was established in 1877 approximately 7.8 kilometres south east of Dimboola in the broad acre cropping country of the Dimboola East/Wail area.

    The site is also known by some locals as the ‘Kornheim Cemetery’ and the ‘Wail Cemetery’ (Wail being a small hamlet located nearby, adjacent to the Western Highway).

    It is a small and very old cemetery that was left to decline as relatives moved away from the area.

    In 2012, a concerned local who lived near the cemetery made enquiries about the state of the site and began the task of cleaning up years of neglect.

    It is a credit to John Porter and his small band of supporters for the work that has been done in respect for those who rest there.

    Other nominations -

  • Nanette Collins and James Collins, Beechworth, HM Gaol Beechworth Searchable Database
  • Beechworth Cemetery Trust, Beechworth, Our ANZAC Legacy
  • Dartmoor & District Progress Association Inc, Dartmoor, Making sure our past lasts
  • Horsham Rural City Council, Horsham, 2018 Remembrance Day Sunset Service
  • Hall Committee, Tallygaroopna, Soldiers Memorial Hall
  • Landcare/VicTrack, Tallygaroopna, Rail Precinct
  • Beechworth Organ Society, Beechworth, Beechworth Historic Town Hall Organ Project
  • Beechworth Burke Museum and Precinct, Beechworth, Burke Museum – ‘Important Milestones’
  • Dookie & District Development Forum, Dookie, Dookie Walking Track Signage
  • Violet Town and District Gallery Museum Inc, Violet Town, Revitalising History
  • Southern Aurora Memorial Committee, Violet Town, Carriage, Gardens, Interpretive Boards and Exhibition

    Environmental Sustainability Award

  • Total Renewable Beechworth, Beechworth, Total Renewable Beechworth
  • Southern Aurora Memorial Committee, Violet Town, Solar BBQ and lights in the garden
  • The Salvation Army, Horsham, The Patch
  • Violet Town Community House, Violet Town, A Garden called Mary
  • Booth Transport, Strathmerton, Booth Transport

    Litter Prevention Award

  • St Peters Lutheran School, Dimboola, Christian Studies focus on community service

    St Peters Lutheran School is a small P-6 school with 27 students.

    The students are involved in community services as part of the Christian Studies that teaches them core values.

    The program encourages the students go out into the community and clean up roadsides and gardens, teaching them about giving back to their communities and understanding issues around roadside litter.

    The school also supports the Dimboola Town Committee with Clean Up Australia Day, filling several bags of litter.

    The program helps the students understand love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation.

    The students also visit the Kindergarten and Allambi Elderly Peoples home.

    Other nominations -

  • Plasticwise Beechworth, Beechworth, Envision Helping Hand
  • Glenelg Shire Council, Dartmoor, Smart Bins at Dartmoor
  • Dookie & District Development Forum, Dookie, Dookie DrumMuster
  • Wimmera CMA, Horsham, Horsham Fishing Comp Participant Online Portal
  • The Peninsula’s Last Straw, Rye, The Peninsula’s Last Straw
  • St Joseph’s Primary School, Crib Point, Waste Management
  • Beach Patrol 3280-3284, Warrnambool, Pick Up Sticks
  • Tally Men’s Shed volunteers, Tallygaroopna, Cans for Cash

    Protection of the Environment Award

  • Snape Reserve Trust for Nature Committee of Management, Dimboola, 2018-2019 Improvement and Management of Reserve

    Snape reserve Dimboola is owned by Trust of Nature and was created by the Victorian Government in 1972. It is situated approximately 6 kilometres west of town.

    The Reserve was purchased in June 2002, with a committee being formed in 2003 to manage the 846-hectare property.

    Volunteers have worked 1937 hours on building, fencing, weeding and pest control. A total of 22 kilometres of tracks are mowed for firebreaks each year. Habitats have been made for the many birdwatching groups that visit and stay for weekends, as well as bird nesting boxes.

    Other nominations -

  • Beechworth Correctional Centre, Beechworth, The Raptors (Animal Rehabilitation Program)
  • Wimmera CMA, Horsham, Wimmera River/ Burnt Creek Bank Stabilisation Works
  • Honeysuckle Recreation Environment Project, Violet Town, Linking the Recreation and Shadforth Reserves
  • Beechworth Urban Landcare & Sustainability, Beechworth, Beechworth Cemetery – Threatened Species Project

    Resource Recovery & Waste Management Award

  • Hindmarsh Shire / Lions Club, Dimboola, Dimboola Transfer Station / Lions depot

    Owned and operated by Hindmarsh Shire Council, the Dimboola Transfer Station is a facility that aims to provide maximum recovery of resources for waste materials collected locally on a weekly/ fortnightly basis.

    Working in conjunction with the local Lions Club in Dimboola, the Hindmarsh Shire contract the delivery of waste cardboard and paper from local towns in the Shire to the Lions depot where the paper is stored and the cardboard is pressed into bundles until there is enough to be transported to its destination.

    Other nominations -

  • Quercus Beechworth, Beechworth, Beechworth Repair Café
  • Beechworth Bakery, Beechworth, Bread Beer a “Rescue” Success
  • Dartmoor & District Progress Association Inc, Dartmoor, Recycling Education
  • St Brigid’s College, Horsham, The Little Mermaid
  • Horsham Boomerang Bags, Horsham, Wildlife Pouches
  • Southern Aurora Memorial Committee, Violet Town, Restoration of an original Southern Aurora Carriage
  • Seawinds Boomerang Bags, Capel Sound, Uniform4U and so much more

    Young Leaders Award (A group or individual aged 25 years or under)

  • Rebekah Albrecht, Dimboola

    Rebekah Albrecht is a shining example of a young person who always strives to give their best and to make a difference in the lives of others.

    Rebekah is a member of the Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council, she was a winner of Premier’s Spirit of ANZAC Prize; in 2018 she received the Order of Australia Association Hindmarsh Branch Student Citizenship Award; won Dimboola Youth Citizen of the year 2019; and was elected as Dimboola Memorial Secondary College School Captain for 2019.

    Rebekah also participated in the Bayerische Jugendring (BJR) German exchange program in 2017/2018. Rebekah plays hockey for the Dimboola Hockey Club during winter and has assisted with umpiring the Minkey hockey games for young primary students. She has also volunteered to umpire junior matches on Saturdays and represented the Wimmera Hockey Association.

  • Lachlan Schultz, Dimboola, Leads by example

    Lachlan Schultz aged 20, is a natural leader among his peers who is not afraid to get his hands dirty and do the work required to see a project through to its end.

    While Lachlan showed leadership from a young age, his leadership in the sport of water skiing best describes this remarkable young man.

    After placing in the top 10 nationally in 2016, 2017 and 2018 along with state level podium placings Lachlan became the Victorian State Champion and the National Master in 2019.

    Vice president of the Dimboola Boat and Water Ski Club, he played a key role in the Peter Taylor Memorial Ski Event that attracted world class competitors to Dimboola as well as playing a key role in the management of the ski course with their award winning four-point management plan.

    Other nominations -

  • Tom Dunn, Horsham
  • Indigo Shire’s Youth LGBTIQ+ Support group, Beechworth, Rainbow Ball
  • Cooper Roscouet, Beechworth, Creative Thinking for Social Causes

    Tidy Town 2019 Finalists

  • Beechworth
  • Dartmoor
  • Dimboola
  • Horsham
  • Violet Town

    Nominee descriptions courtesy of Keep Victoria Beautiful.


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