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Tuesday 22nd October 2019

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Thanks to our local business sponsors.


Fence behind Lloyd Street shops removed by Council

Article Category  Current News
Date Published  Tuesday, September 17 2019
Author Chris Johnson
Photo  Contributed

Fence behind Lloyd Street shops removed by Council
Council workers earlier this week removed a fence from the rear of a Lloyd Street property, following a long-running dispute between Hindmarsh Shire Council and the property owners of a Lloyd Street shop.

Several staff from the Hindmarsh Shire Council attended the site on Monday to remove the fence, and it is understood that the tenant of the property attempted to stop them with the aid of a water hose.

Dimboola Police attended the scene to try and calm the situation down, and paramedics were later called to attend to the tenant who had worked up into a fit.

Workers were then able to continue removing the fence and restoring the laneway for public access.

The dispute started in early 2018 when the landowners wanted to build a fence across the lane at the rear of the shops and, despite public objection, they continued with their plan to block the lane by erecting the fence - thereby preventing delivery vehicles accessing the rear of the shops and the public use of the lane.

Hindmarsh Shire Council sought legal advice and held a public meeting to advise the community that Council could take possession of the land and schedule the lane as a road, and other property owners agreed to have the land subdivided to allow for the road to be owned by Council.

The property owners are believed to be away and were unavailable for comment.

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Thank you to our local business sponsors.


Thanks to our local business sponsors.


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