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Thursday 28th May 2020

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Cricket - A grade starts with a win

 Sunday 13th October 2019
 Wangara Consulting

Cricket - A grade starts with a win
The Blackheath-Dimboola team has made the best possible start to their A grade season with a comfortable away victory against Laharum on Saturday.

After being asked to bat by the captain of the home team, the Bulls struggled to be 3 for 21 when Brodie Cramer (55) and Elliott Braithwaite (51) combined for a partnership of 97 for the fourth wicket to take the team beyond the century.

At the end of their allotted 40 overs, the total stood at 138 for the loss of nine wickets.

The Laharum batsmen threatened to take the game away from the Bull with several useful partnerships, but the Bulls’ bowlers kept up the pressure by taking by taking wickets in groups, not allowing the Laharum batsmen to get settled.

Two wickets fell with the score on 33, then another three fell in the 60s, two fell on 85 and other two were taken with the team total on 97. A twenty run last wicket partnership gave Laharum a glimpse of victory. But the last wicket was taken at 119, giving the Bulls by 19 runs.

Next week the A grade Blackheath-Dimboola team will travel to Sunnyside in Horsham to take on Homers, and the C grade team will enjoy their first hit for the season when they play Colts at Dudley Cornell Park.

Horsham Cricket Association - A Grade

Blackheath-Dimboola Innings

H Youngct. M Adamsb.JD Mahoney  9
N Schorbackct. BH Peucker  b.A Molloy1
S Polacklbwb.A Barber1
B Cramerst BH Peuckerb.D Bunworth55
E Braithwaite   b.JD Mahoney51
D Polack b.D Bunworth0
J Polacknot out 9
L Hutchinson b.A Barber1
R Kegal b.A Barber0
Jbeugelaar b.D Bunworth0
R Somersnot out 1
Sundries  2
TOTAL 9 for 138

Laharum Bowling

     O    M    R    W
A Barber72153
A Molloy82111
JD Mahoney  82312
A Cutter72280
C Tyler20120
D Bunworth80343

Laharum Innings

JD Mahoneyct. J Polackb.H Young17
C Tylerct. D Polackb.E Braithwaite  16
BH Peuckerct. N Schorback  b.S Polack19
D Griffithsct. D Polackb.B Cramer12
A Molloyct. N Schorbackb.R Somers2
D Bunworth  ct. J Beugelaarb.R Somers11
A Barberct. R Kegalb.R Somers6
M Adamsnot out 29
Se Wouters b.E Braithwaite4
A Cutter b.E Braithwaite0
DP Johnsonct. Jb.H Young0
Sundries  3

Blackheath-Dimboola Bowling

     O    M    R    W
E Braithwaite81193
R Somers62263
H Young62232
B Cramer40181
S Polack50331


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