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Thursday 28th May 2020

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Tennis - Hopetoun home in last set thriller

 Monday 14th October 2019
 Dimboola and District Tennis Association

Tennis - Hopetoun home in last set thriller
Round two of the Dimboola and District Tennis Association saw Rainbow, Brim, Warrack, and Hopetoun register victories.

The round began on Friday evening when Dimboola hosted Rainbow at the Health and Fitness Centre.

Rainbow was keen for a good start to their season after having to forfeit in round one. The match was played with five men and five ladies with the mixed being a fairly one-sided affair.

Rainbow won all but one set, giving them the start they were hoping for and they continued on their winning way in the mens section, taking all five sets.

Things were much closer in the womens section, with Dimboola fighting hard to win two sets and Rebecca Barry winning all her sets for the day.

Rainbow 12 sets, 117 games defeated Dimboola 3 sets, 72 games.

Brim travelled to Dimboola to take on Arkona, with both sides seeing plenty of young up and coming players take the court. Brim continued with their form of last week, taking the mixed section four sets to one.

The Men’s section was extremely tight, with lots of close sets and good tennis displayed. Brim just came away with the win in this section three sets 38 games to Arkona two sets, 37 games.

Arkona’s women were successful in two sets, however Brim were just too strong to take this section as well three sets to two. Brim’s young guns Josiah Keam, Lachie Golder and Levi Keam won all their sets for the day.

Brim 10 sets, 121 games defeated Arkona 5 sets, 92 games.

Warrack Gold were looking forward to getting their season underway after receiving a forfeit last round. They welcomed Antwerp to Anzac Park with near perfect weather conditions for tennis.

Warrack Gold started strongly in the mixed, winning five sets. Jake and Tamieka Rudolph were successful for Antwerp in a tie-breaker. Antwerp’s men took out their section after Warrack Gold put up a good fight. Chris Kellett from Warrack Gold won all his sets for the day with some terrific tennis. Warrack Gold’s ladies were unbeaten, winning all six sets.

Warrack Gold 13 sets, 143 games defeated Antwerp 5 sets, 75 games.

The final match of the round saw Hopetoun travel to Jeparit, with the result not known until the last set was completed. Jeparit started well winning the first mixed set, with Hopetoun then taking the next two and eventually the section three sets to two.

The Men’s section again saw Jeparit win the opening set, with coach Grant O’Callaghan and Jason Hutson narrowly defeating Tony George and Mal McLean in a tie breaker. Hopetoun were able to win when it counted however, taking the section three sets to two.

The tables were turned in the Ladies section with Jeparit putting in a terrific performance to win four sets to one.

In a thrilling end to the day, Hopetoun were victorious after winning the mixed and the Men’s sections and more games overall. Jeparit scored two points after winning the ladies section and more sets. Sue Bell and Grant O’Callaghan for Jeparit as well as Hopetoun’s Jonty Bellinger were three set winners.

Hopetoun 7 sets, 102 games defeated Jeparit 8 sets, 98 games.


Dimboola 0 points, 3 sets, 72 games were defeated by Rainbow 5 points, 12 sets, 117 games.

Mixed: James McRae and Breanna Eldridge lost to Marc Edelsten and Penny Fisher 3-9. Corey Goss and Karen Bridgewater lost to Adam Gould and Rowie Keller 1-9. John O’Halloran and Kate Clark lost to Steve Leach and Britt Keller 4-9. Chris Hauselberger and Jenni Hauselberger lost to Seamus and Georgina O’Halloran 4-9. Darren Sexton and Rebecca Barry d Bridie O’Halloran and Aidan Gelligen 9-1.

Dimboola 1 set, 21 games. Rainbow 4 sets, 37 games.

Men: C. Goss and J. O’Halloran lost to M. Edelsten and S. Leach 4-9. C. Hauselberger and D. Sexton lost to S. O’Halloran and A. Gelligen 6-9. C. Goss and J. McRae lost to M. Edelsten and A. Gould 0-9. J. O’Halloran and D. Sexton lost to S. Leach and A. Gelligen 8-9. J. McRae and C. Hauselberger lost to A. Gould and S. O’Halloran 1-9.

Dimboola 0 sets, 19 games, Rainbow 5 sets, 45 games.

Women: B. Eldridge and K. Clark lost to P. Fisher and B. Keller 3-9. K. Bridgewater and R. Barry d G. O’Halloran and B. O’Halloran 9-5. B. Eldridge and J. Hauselberger lost to P. Fisher and R. Keller 7-9. K. Clark and R. Barry d B. Keller and B. O’Halloran 9-3. J. Hauselberger and K. Bridgewater lost to R. Keller and G. O’Halloran 4-9.

Dimboola 2 sets, 32 games, Rainbow 3 sets, 35 games.

Arkona 0 points, 5 sets, 92 games lost to Brim 5 points, 10 sets, 121 games.

Mixed: Nick Pietsch and Tracy Jorgensen d Hugh Keam and Casey Quick 9-8. Mitchell Jorgensen and Megan Hutchinson lost to Lachie Stewart and Merrily Keam 4-9. Russell Hunter and Karen Hunter lost to Paul and Erin Slater 4-9. Jonty Hunter and Hanna Liersch (sub) lost to Lachie Golder and Molly Stewart 5-9. Evan and Luke Hunter lost to Josiah and Levi Keam 1-9.

Arkona 1 set, 23 games, Brim 4 sets, 44 games.

Men: M. Jorgensen and R. Hunter d L. Stewart and P. Slater 9-5. J. Hunter and E. Hunter lost to J. Keam and L. Golder 4-9. M. Jorgensen and N. Pietsch d L. Stewart and H. Keam 9-6. R. Hunter and E. Hunter lost to P. Slater and L. Golder 7-9. N. Pietsch and J. Hunter lost to H. Keam and J. Keam 8-9.
Arkona 2 sets, 37 games, Brim 3 sets, 38 games.

Women: T. Jorgensen and K. Hunter d C. Quick and M. Stewart 9-8. H. Liersch and L. Hunter lost to M. Keam and L. Keam 5-9. T. Jorgensen and M. Hutchinson lost to C. Quick and E. Slater 6-9. K. Hunter and L. Hunter lost to M. Stewart and L. Keam 3-9. M. Hutchinson and H. Liersch d E. Slater and M. Keam 9-4.

Arkona 2 sets, 32 games, Brim 3 sets, 39 games.

Warrack Gold 4 points, 13 sets, 143 games defeated Antwerp 1 point, 5 sets, 75 games.

Mixed: Cam Clyne and Emma Koschitzke d Tim Jorgensen and Emily Polack 9-4. Mitch Greenwood and Lauren Kellett d Chris Avery and Samantha Baker 9-6. Mark Phelan and Lynley Clyne d Don Clark and Heather Jorgensen 9-4. Dave Nitschke and Jan Greenwood d Simon Albrecht and Alicia Albrecht 9-0. Chris Kellett and Carol Morcom d Basil Jorgensen and Sonia Avery 9-1. Dylan Dejong and Kirrilee Rowe lost to Jake and Tamieka Rudolph 8-9.

Warrack Gold 5 sets 53 games, Antwerp 1 set, 24 games.

Men: M. Greenwood and M. Phelan lost to T. Jorgensen and D. Clark 5-9. D. Nitschke and C. Kellett d S. Albrecht and B. Jorgensen 9-0. M. Greenwood and C. Clyne lost to T. Jorgensen and C. Avery 7-9. D. Nitschke and D. Dejong lost to S. Albrecht and J. Rudolph 3-9. C. Clyne and M. Phelan lost to C. Avery and D. Clark 3-9. C. Kellett and D. Dejong d B. Jorgensen and J. Rudolph 9-5.

Antwerp 4 sets 41 games, Warrack Gold 2 sets 36 games.

Women: E. Koschitzke and L. Clyne d E. Polack and A. Albrecht 9-3. J. Greenwood and C. Morcom d S. Baker and S. Avery 9-1. E. Koschitzke and L. Kellett d E. Polack and H. Jorgensen 9-1. J. Greenwood and K. Rowe d S. Baker and T. Rudolph 9-2. L. Kellett and L. Clyne d H. Jorgensen and A. Albrecht 9-1. C. Morcom and K. Rowe d S. Avery and T. Rudolph 9-2.
Warrack Gold 6 sets 54 games, Antwerp 0 sets, 10 games.

Hopetoun 3 points, 7 sets, 102 games defeated Jeparit 2 points, 8 sets, 98 games.

Mixed: Grant O’Callaghan and Ebony Spokes d Tony and Remy George 9-7. Ben Inkster and Lou Goss lost to Mal McLean and Courtney Jones 3-9. Daniel Keam and Elly Schumann lost to Jacob Holm and Brodie Hallam 8-9. Jason Hutson and Sue Bell d Alex and Neha Kavoor 9-7. Jake Smith and Mel Butler lost to Jonty Bellinger and Tahlia Durie 2-9.

Jeparit 2 sets, 31 games, Hopetoun 3 sets, 41 games.

Men: G. O’Callaghan and J. Hutson d T. George and M. McLean 9-8. D. Keam and J. Smith lost to A. Kavoor and J. Bellinger 4-9. G. O’Callaghan and B. Inkster d T. George and J. Holm 9-4. J. Hutson and J. Smith lost to M. McLean and J. Bellinger 0-9. B. Inkster and D. Keam lost to J. Holm and A. Kavoor 5-9.

Jeparit 2 sets, 27 games, Hopetoun 3 sets, 39 games.

Women: E. Spokes and L. Goss d R. George and B. Hallam 9-2. S. Bell and M. Butler d N. Kavoor and T. Durie 9-5. E. Spokes and E. Schumann lost to R. George and C. Jones 4-9. L. Goss and M. Butler d B. Hallam and T. Durie 9-1. E. Schumann and S. Bell d C. Jones and N. Kavoor 9-5.

Jeparit 4 sets 40 games, Hopetoun 1 set, 22 games.


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