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Thursday 28th May 2020

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Cricket | Blackheath-Dimboola

 Monday 25th November 2019
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Cricket | Blackheath-Dimboola
The Blackheath-Dimboola A grade team have a big task ahead of them next Saturday to avoid an outright defeat when their two day game against the reigning premiers, Homers, resumes on the local ground.

The only batsman to make an impression on the Homers bowling in the Bulls’ innings was Sam Polack who scored 22 of the team’s total of 65, with Robert Somers the only other to make double figures with 10, in an innings that only lasted 26.3 overs.

In reply, Homers piled on the runs courtesy of a century by Jason Kannar, and they finished the day on 8 for 267, which gives them a lead of 202 going into the second day.

Somers was the best of the Blackheath-Dimboola bowlers with 4 for 55 off eleven overs, and Brodie Cramer wasn’t far behind with 3 wickets from his 16 overs. Polack took the only other wicket to fall in the innings.

The Bulls will need to bat all day on Saturday to deny Homers the outright.

Horsham Cricket Association - A Grade

Blackheath-Dimboola First Innings

S Polackct. AC Atwood  b.J Officer22
L Hutchinson  lbwb.M Bandara  1
B Cramerct. AC Atwoodb.M Bandara5
A Wattct. AC Atwoodb.C Britten3
R Somersct. & b.J Officer10
J Spokesct. C Brittenb.S Hopper4
N Schorbackct. ?b.J Officer7
M Barryst. AC Atwoodb.S Hopper0
J Lavertyct. J Officerb.S Peachey8
I Schorbacknot out 0
Sundries  5

Homers Bowling

     O    M    R    W
C Britten83191
M Bandara  61152
J Officer6.32153
S Hopper5262
S Peachey1051

Homers First Innings

AC Atwoodct. ?  b. B Cramer  6
P MillsCt. J Spokesb. R Somers10
C Garmagect. A Watt  R Somers22
B HallamCt. ?b. S Polack36
J Kannarnot out 122
S Hopper b. B Cramer46
M Williamson  lbwb. B Cramer2
C Britten b. R Somers3
J Officer b. R Somers0
S Peacheynot out 0
Sundries  20
TOTAL 8 for 267

Blackheath-Dimboola Bowling

     O    M    R    W
B Cramer161853
R Somers111554
S Polack70481
M Barry40190
J Laverty40190
N Schorback  30240


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