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Wednesday 1st April 2020

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Bowls | Heartbreaking loss for Dimboola Bowling Club

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Tuesday 18th February 2020
Author Kitty Hawk Pete
Photo  File Photo

Bowls | Heartbreaking loss for Dimboola Bowling Club
A nail-biting final on Saturday unfortunately sees Dimboola’s First Division bowls side out of the finals campaign, however players can be very proud of their efforts, writes Kitty Hawk Pete.
Dimboola’s first division can be proud of themselves even though they are out of this year’s finals after a nail-biting game against Horsham City.

It was not only nail-biting stuff for the players but also for the many spectators who journeyed to the Sunnyside greens for Saturday’s game.

At the halfway mark Horsham City held a small margin which was gradually pegged back by Dimboola and by the twenty-third end Dimboola had moved to be three shots up, at the twenty-fourth end the margin was four, this left for an exciting last end for all teams, unfortunately Dimboola lost those four shots overall rinks leaving both teams sixty nine shots each.

This meant a sudden-death shootout with all teams having to play one extra end.

All of the extra ends were close with Horsham City winning the shootout three shots to two giving them an overall victory of 72 to 71.

All Dimboola players can be proud of their efforts throughout the year both first and second division, let’s hope we keep all players from this season and gain some of those promising Thursday night bowlers to keep us in the finals race again.

A big thanks to the many people who travelled from Dimboola and supported our team it was great to see so many there.

Scores from Saturday’s final

Geoff Gazelle
Rob Pyers
Darryl Both
Darryl Argall

19 to 26
Alan Krahe
Wayne Albrecht
Greg Cook
Josh Cook

26 to 28
Peter O’Loughlin
Judith Albrecht
Ron Gaulke
Merv Roberts

26 to 18

Final Scores - Dimboola 71 lost to Horsham City 72

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