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Wednesday 1st April 2020

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Dimboola District Tennis | Antwerp claims minor premiership

Article Category  Sport
Date Published  Tuesday 25th February 2020
Author Dimboola and District Tennis Association

Dimboola District Tennis | Antwerp claims minor premiership
The last round of tennis for Dimboola and District Tennis Association season 2019/2020 started Friday night with Dimboola hosting Warrack Gold.

With Dimboola aiming to claim a major upset for their last game of the year, Warrack Gold was keen to finish off in the top two.

It was a one-sided affair in the mixed, but Ash Clugston and Kate Clark managed a set for the home side, winning 9-7 in a lengthy contest.

Warrack Gold continued their strong form through the Men’s and Women’s sections, convincing winners overall with Jan Greenwood not dropping a game for the day for Warrack Gold.

Above - Russell Hunter in action a couple of weeks ago.

Arkona took on Jeparit at Dimboola on Saturday in an important contest to keep Arkona’s finals hopes alive. And they came out firing, winning all six sets in the mixed section.

Arkona continued their mission only dropping one set in each Men and Women’s section for the day.

They ensured they play at least one more game for the season.

Fifth-placed Brim played sixth-placed Rainbow at Brim on Saturday. Although they had to rely on Arkona losing convincingly to Jeparit, it could mean either side could be bolstered to fourth on the ladder, earning a finals spot, and the match didn’t disappoint.

It was a tight contest in the mixed, Rainbow won the first three sets; two being tiebreakers, but Brim fought back winning the final three and getting the one point winning 50 games to 42.

It was then an interesting afternoon in the Men’s and Women’s sections, one-sided in both.

Starting with the Men’s section, Brim was far too strong for Rainbow, not dropping a set and only losing 17 games over the six matches. Kyle George, Darren Marshman and Lachie Golder three set winners for Brim helping their side to another match point.

It was the opposite in the Women’s, with Rainbow turning the tables as they managed to only drop one set. Tracey Tregenza the only three-set winner for Rainbow and earning her side one match point.

The game of the round went to third-placed Hopetoun v first placed Antwerp.

This match could turn things around with the ladder and finals placings.

Antwerp started their day off with intention of keeping the minor premierships theirs, winning the mixed section four sets to two with some very tight tennis being played.

The section of the day went to the Men’s. This was anticipated to be a great tussle throughout the Association, and they didn’t disappoint. Both sides having strong Men’s players, it went down to the wire to finish three sets all but Antwerp claiming the win by 36 games to 34.

Hopetoun captain Jacob Holm was inspirational, only dropping eight games for the day. Shane Bond, Don Clark, and Daniel Greig were solid in ensuring Antwerp got the win.

The Women’s section was all about Antwerp. Although there was some very good tennis and close sets, they only dropped one set for the section.

Semi finals next weekend

This weekend will see the first and second semi-finals being played.

The first semi-final will be played between Hopetoun v Arkona at Hopetoun. Although reigning premiers Hopetoun will go into this match as firm favourites, Arkona is a team, if they have a full team available, could upset any side.

The Men’s section will be a great clash, but Arkona is going to have to play well, with Hopetoun’s men known for their strength and depth within their side.

Arkona’s women would be expected to come home strong for their side so this match could be decided at the start of the day in the mixed section.

The second semi-final will be played at Dimboola between Antwerp and Warrack Gold.

Antwerp is no doubt the form side for the season and should go into the match feeling confident. Warrack Gold’s men will need to bring all their firepower to overcome the strength of Tim Jorgenson and co.

The Women’s section should be an interesting tussle. Both teams have plenty of strength and this section could come down to who has the most depth in their side.

Both games will showcase some great tennis and spectators are welcome, match play starting at 1.15 pm.

Final Ladder

Antwerp56   169.46
Warrack Gold   55.5158.33
Rainbow26 80.54

Round 14 Results

Antwerp 5 match points, 12 sets, 133 games defeated Hopetoun 0 match points, 6 sets, 99 games.

MIxed: Jacob Holm, Zali Brown d Tim Jorgensen, Carly Werner 9-4, Taylor Donnan, Courtney Jones d Daniel & Emily Polack, 9-8, Mal McLean, Abby White lost to Shane Bond, Alicia Albrecht 3-9, Alex & Neha Kavoor lost to Don Clark, Heather Jorgensen 4-9, Lou White, Mackenzie Bellinger lost to Chris & Sonia Avery 2-9, Declan Brown, Bridget Williams lost to Daniel Greig, Jenny Haebich 3-9.

Men: J. Holm, M. McLean d T. Jorgensen, C. Avery 9-3, A. Kavoor, L. White lost to D. Clark, D. Greig 3-9, J. Holm, T. Donnan d T. Jorgensen, D. Polack 9-1, A. Kavoor, D. Brown lost to D. Clark, S. Bond 0-9, T. Donnan, M. McLean d D. Polack, C. Avery 9-5, L. White, D. Brown lost to D. Greig, S. Bond 4-9.

Ladies: Z. Brown, A. White lost to C. Werner, A. Albrecht 7-9, N. Kavoor, M. Bellinger lost to H. Jorgensen, S. Avery 2-9, Z. Brown, C. Jones d C. Werner, E. Polack 9-4, N. Kavoor, B. Williams lost to H. Jorgensen, J. Haebich 8-9, C. Jones, A. White lost to E. Polack, A. Albrecht 1-9, M. Bellinger, B, Williams lost to S. Avery, J. Haebich 8-9.

Warrack Gold 5 match points, 15 sets, 157 games defeated Dimboola 0 match points, 3 sets, 61 games.

MIxed: Corey Goss, Jennie Hauselberger lost to Sean McKenzie, Emma Koschitzke 2-9, Jason Revell, Breanna Eldridge lost to Mitchell Greenwood, Sarah Spicer 4-9, Ash Clugston, K. Clark d Cameron Clyne, Lauren Lehmann 9-7, Rob & Becky Barry lost to Chris Kellett, Rikki Nitschke 2-9, Will Barber, Emma Bond lost to Dave Nitschke, Jan Greenwood 0-9, Isaac Eldridge, Issy Clugston lost to Daniel McKenzie, Gen Gregson 3-9.

Men: J. Revell, A. Clugston d S. McKenzie, D. Nitschke 9-8, R. Barry. I. Eldridge lost to C. Clyne, C. Kellett 5-9, J. Revell, L. Goss lost to S. McKenzie, M. Greenwood 2-9, R. Barry, W. Barber lost to C. Clyne, D. McKenzie 5-9, C. Goss, A. Clugston lost to M. Greenwood, D. Nitschke 5-9, I. Eldridge, W. Barber d C. Kellett, D. McKenzie 9-7.

Ladies: B. Eldridge, K. Clark lost to S. Spicer, L. Lehmann 1-9, B. Barry, E. Bond lost to R. Nitschke, J. Greenwood 0-9, B. Eldridge, J. Hauselberger lost to S. Spicer, E. Koschitzke 0-9, B. Barry, I. Clugston lost to R. Nitschke, G. Gregson 3-9, J. Hauselberger, K. Clark lost to E. Koschitzke, L. Lehmann 2-9, E. Bond, I. Clugston lost to J. Greenwood, G. Gregson 0-9.

Arkona 5 match points, 16 sets, 155 games defeated Jeparit 0 match points, 2 sets, 79 games.

MIxed: Mitch Jorgensen, Meaghan Pohlner d Rory O’Halloran, Ebony Spokes 9-4, Russell Hunter, Tracey Jorgensen d Ben Inkster, Erin Preston 9-7, John O’Dwyer, Karen Hunter d Jason & Montanna Hutson 9-2. Nick Pietsch, Joanne Wolthuis d Bryce Day, Mel Butler 9-5, Jonty & Luke Hunter d Jake & Mikayla Smith 9-6, Evan Hunter, Tonnis Wolthuis d Gavin Nikkelson, Tia Cook 9-2.

Men: M. Jorgensen, N. Pietsch d R. O’Halloran, J. Huston 9-4, J. O’Dwyer, J. Hunter d G. Nikkelson, J. Smith 9-3, M. Jorgensen, R. Hunter lost to R. O’Halloran, B. Inkster 8-9, J. O’Dwyer, E. Hunter d G. Nikkelson, B. Day 9-6, R. Hunter, N. Pietsch d B. Inkster, J. Hutson 9-2, J. & E. Hunter d J. Smith, B. Day 9-1.

Ladies: M. Pohlner, K. Hunter d E. Spokes, M. Hutson 9-4, J. Wolthuis, L. Hunter lost to M Butler, M. Smith 3-9, M. Pohlner, T. Jorgensen d E. Spokes, E. Preston 9-3, J. & T. Wolthuis d M. Butler, Max McKenzie (sub) 9-6, T. Jorgensen, K. Hunter d E. Preston, M. Hutson 9-6, L. Hunter, T. Wolthuis d M. Smith, M. McKenzie 9-3.

Brim 4 match points, 10 sets, 134 games defeated Rainbow 1 match point, 8 sets, 103 games.

MIxed: Hugh Keam, Casey Quick lost to Lucas Edelsten, Rowie Keller 7-9, Lachie Stewart, Simone Lindsay lost to Jacob Hallam, Tracey Tregenza 8-9, Cameron Blinman, Amanda Marshman lost to Jon Fuller, Lauren Hallam 8-9, Kyle George, Tia Credlin d Dean Tregenza, Colleen Petschel 9-4, Darren Marshman, Jo Credlin d Rhys Boehm, Macy Fuller 9-7, Lachie Golder, Georgina O’Halloran d Aiden Gelligen, Bridie O’Halloran 9-4.

Men: L. Stewart, K. George d L. Edelsten, J. Fuller 9-2, C. Blinman, D. Marshman d D. Tregenza, R. Boehm 9-4, L. Stewart, H. Keam d L. Edelsten, J. Hallam 9-1, C. Blinman, L. Golder d D. Tregenza, A. Gelligen 9-0, H. Keam, K. George d J. Hallam, J. Fuller 9-5, D. Marshman, L. Golder d R. Boehm, A. Gelligen 9-5.

Ladies: C. Quick, S. Lindsay lost to R. Keller, L. Hallam 8-9, T. & J. Credlin lost to C. Petschel M. Fuller 1-9, C. Quick, A. Marshman lost to R. Keller, T. Tregenza 1-9, T. Credlin, G. O’Halloran lost to C. Petschel, B. O’Halloran 6-9, A. Marshman, S. Lindsay d T. Tregenza, L. Hallam 9-4, J. Credlin, G. O’Halloran lost to M. Fuller, B. O’Halloran 4-9.

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