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Sunday 25th March 2018


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West Wimmera Cricket | Round Three

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Date Published  Monday, October 30 2017

West Wimmera Cricket | Round Three
After round three of West Wimmera cricket, all teams have played each opponent once and whilst the Nhill Tigers remain undefeated and are firmly at the top of the ladder, the remaining three teams are deadlocked with one win each.

Nhill Tigers 169 d. Winiam 60

After posting scores of 4/159 and 183 in the first two rounds, the Nhill Tigers continued the pattern with a total of 169 at Winiam on Saturday and remain the only team to have passed 100 runs in all three rounds.

Seven batsmen made significant contributions to this score, with Shaun Smith on 23 and Shane Kessler with 22 not out leading the way, but five of their team mates also made double figures.

Five Winiam bowlers took two wickets each.

In reply Winiam was never really in the hunt, with their biggest partnership being the last one that yielded 23 runs, but this was still 133 runs short of the target.

Kiata 83 defeated Jeparit 66

At Sir Robert Menzies’ Park in Jeparit, Kiata was dismissed for 83 off 31 overs with opener Josh Lees dominating the scoring with 37 runs. Josh Cramer and Damien Dickinson were the next best with 12 runs each.

The innings was dominated by the bowling of Jack Crowhurst who is revelling in opportunity to open the bowling and took his career best tally of 6 for 24. Victor Lothian with 2 for 20 was the next best Jeparit bowler.

Jeparit’s Jack Crowhurst took his career best bowling figures of 6 for 24 on Saturday, is pictured above in action last season.

Only two Jeparit batsmen made it into double figures in their chase, with Liam Preston and Jeremy Preston both making 15 each. Crowhurst contributed a further 9 runs but no one else made more than 5 and the team finished 17 runs short of the victory target.

The best of the Winiam bowlers were Josh Cramer with 4 for 10 and Dom Colombera with 4 for 19.

Round Four Preview

Next week will see the first round of two day games commence and the longer game may be what will separate the lower three teams, and it also gives them the opportunity to draw ahead of the pack with outright victory points on offer.

There has been no evidence over the first three rounds to suggest that the Nhill Tigers should not go into this game against Kiata as favourites. Despite taking the points from their last game, Kiata’s win was not convincing enough to give them the confidence to become the first team to overcome the Tigers.

The game at Jeparit will be harder to predict with both Winiam and the home team showing mixed form so far this season.

Over recent seasons Jeparit has performed better in the longer form of the game, but it will be the personnel that each team can put on the field that will go a long way to determining the winner.

Round Four - Saturday 4 and 11 November

Nhill Tigers v. Kiata at Davis Park
Jeparit v. Winiam at Jeparit

Ladder - After Round Three

   Points %
Nhill Tigers 18 1.642
Kiata 6 1.002
Jeparit 6 0.872
Winiam    6 0.663

Round Three Results

Jeparit lost to Kiata

Kiata First Innings

T Alexander ct M Preston    b. J Crowhurst    6
J Lees ct & b. V Lothian 37
D Colombera ct & b. J Knorpp 2
L Albrecht ct M Preston b. G Grinter 6
J Cramer   b. V Lothian 12
D Dickinson   b. J Crowhurst 12
J Harding ct A King b. J Crowhurst 0
Shaun Alexander   b. J Crowhurst 0
R Woltjen   b. J Crowhurst 1
Shanaye Alexander    not out   1
M Leach   b. J Crowhurst 0
Sundries     6
TOTAL   83

Jeparit Bowling

     O    M    R    W
J Crowhurst 7 1 24 6
G Grinter    8 3 10 1
J Knorpp 6 2 13 1
J Preston 2 1 4 0
L Preston 1 0 5 0
V Lothian 5 1 20 2
A King 2 0 6 0

Jeparit First Innings

J Crowhurst ct D Dickinson b. D Colombera 9
J Hutson ct D Colombera b. J Lees 0
V Lothian ct J Cramer b. Shaun Alexander    0
L Preston ct J Harding b. D Colombera 15
S Suvarnapudi    ct J Harding b. D Colombera 0
T James ct R Woltjen b. J Cramer 4
J Knorpp ct & b. D Colombera 0
J Preston lbw b. J Cramer 15
S Leach   b. J Cramer 5
A King ct Shaun Alexander    b. J Cramer 3
M Preston not out   3
Sundries     12
TOTAL   66

Kiata Bowling

     O    M    R    W
L Albrecht 5 3 6 0
J Lees 5 4 5 1
Shaun Alexander    4 2 5 1
D Colombera 5 0 19 4
T Alexander 5 1 20 0
J Cramer 4.5 1 10 4

Nhill Tigers defeated Winiam

Nhill Tigers First Innings

D Garoni      b. B Clark    18
S Smith ct D Schneider b. J Gurry 23
J Philip ct J Gurry b. J Gurry 6
T Dickinson   b. B Clark 1
A Cramer   b. G Eastwell 12
L Dahlenburg ct A Merrett b. G Eastwell 15
T Polkinghorne    ct G Eastwell b. A Merrett 10
B Pollock   b. D Schneider 19
B Alexander ct G Eastwell b. A Merrett 2
S Kessler not out   22
S Gusman ct J Gurry b. D Schneider 2
Sundries     33
TOTAL   169

Winiam Bowling

     O    M    R    W
B CLARK 8 4 12 2
j Gurry 8 1 47 2
A Merrett 8 2 23 2
G Eastwell 6 1 32 2
B Quick 4 0 25 0
D Schneider    3 0 16 2

Winiam First Innings

B Clark ct L Dahlenburg b. B Pollock    13
J Gurry   b. L Dahlenburg 0
A Merrett ct A Cramer    b. S Kessler 3
N Sparling lbw b. B Pollock 1
B Ryan ct S Gusman b. B Pollock 4
G Eastwell not out   23
J Muller ct A Cramer b. A Dickinson 3
B Purchase   b. S Kessler 0
D Schneider    ct S Kessler b. J Philip 2
B Purchase ct B Pollock b. T Polkinhorne 2
Absent absent   0
Sundries     9
TOTAL   60

Nhill Tigers Bowling

     O    M    R    W
L Dahlenburg 4 1 6 1
B Pollock 4 1 15 3
J Kessler 2 0 10 2
A Dickinson 4 2 3 1
S Smith 1 0 11 0
J Philip 4 0 13 1
T Polkinhorne    0.4 0 0 1

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